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Unmanned Images

Putting a higher perspective on your images.

Hi, I’m Steve Hooper, founder of Unmanned Images.

With a background in engineering and photography, I believe aerial imaging is the right way to carry-out so many tasks.

Unmanned images are safer, quicker and often cheaper than putting people into potentially hazardous situations, whether for inspection, photography or videography.

The aircraft are but tools; how they’re used is the important thing.

We can provide the aircraft and fully insured CAA approved pilot whilst you direct the imaging process, or we can take a brief from you and return with the completed work, be it an inspection, a property video for selling a house, building or farm, aerial promotional footage, or simply stunning views in high definition for you.

UI logo roundUnmanned Images provides an aerial platform for your pictures or video.

High definition 4K video is shot using professional grade cameras flown by qualified CAA authorised Remote Pilots. Additionally, high quality still photography, perhaps for promotional use, is also available.

Fully insured, Unmanned Images will put you and the camera where you want to be… safely, legally and professionally. We take care of the ins-and-outs of flight planning so all you need do is decide what you want to see, from where you want to see it and in what format. Just leave the rest to us.

Phantom 4 ProAt Unmanned Images quality is everything.

Some drone imaging companies will use consumer-type drones with inferior imaging capabilities and greater susceptibility to wind in order to keep their costs down, at your expense. Having to make a return visit due to poor quality images or video serves no-one. We believe that it’s far better to do it right, first-time.

Our aircraft use professional-grade cameras on strong and stable gimbals for the highest quality images, be it in 4K or highly detailed still photography.

Drones used to survey Great Wall of China

Drones used to survey Great Wall of China.  A report on the BBC shows that parts of the Great Wall of China that were previously almost inaccessible are now being surveyed using drones. Using drones provides a fast and reliable way to assess the damage caused to the...

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