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Drone safety and privacy are a public concern.

in an Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) 79% said they believed that drones were used to infringe upon privacy, and 45% felt that drones were a nuisance.

Worryingly 74% felt that drones pose a real safety risk to flights during take-off and landing, and 50% felt that drones should be controlled by air traffic control.

The CAA’s UK Airprox Board reported that for 2017 there were 93 reported airprox incidents (air proximity) and in the year to-date (Nov. 2018) there had already been 108. Source: UK Airprox Board

It is not all bad news, though, as 45% of those polled felt that they were supportive of drones as a useful technology, and 80% said that they were supportive of drones that assist the emergency services. Indeed, Many fire and police services have their own fleet of drones and teams of qualified Remote Pilots.

Source: NATS Aviation Index

All airspace in the UK is classified according to its use and understanding the airspace classifications and the rules that go along with them is a requirement that all CAA Remote Pilots have to prove before being granted a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Unmanned Images only uses Remote Pilots with valid a PfCO so you can be assured that any aerial work we do for you will be safe, professional and credible. Drop us a line and we’ll do the rest.