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Unless you’ve been in total isolation you would have heard about apparent sightings of rogue drones at airports

You would have seen the news over Christmas about the disruption at Gatwick and how the press reacted to the claimed sightings of drones flying around the airport. Yesterday, we saw another claimed incident at Heathrow. Of course, Unmanned Images does not condone any illegal or irresponsible drone operations, but a couple of points to consider:

  1. Despite all the TV, Police, Army, and public cameras pointing skyward over the airport, let alone the airport’s own CCTV, there have been zero confirmed sightings or images.
  2. IF there were drones involved they would not have been flown by anyone concerned with staying within the law, so more stringent laws would make no difference.

Aside from all the hysteria and scaremongering we, at Unmanned Images, can assure you of one thing; if you were hoping or planning to have some aerial work done we are still able to do this for you. In fact, even if you have something located within the No Fly Zone of an airport we have the qualifications and experience to obtain the necessary permissions from all the relevant authorities, including NATS, CAA, and Police. You tell us where and when you need the work done and we will take it from there. If anyone can obtain the clearances, we can.

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