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As odd as it may seem to recommend a PfCO training provider we are doing this for two very good reasons:

  1. At Unmanned Images we are strong advocates of training to keep the skies safe and open, and we see it as part of our responsibility as a safe, professional and credible aerial imaging provider.
  2. There are many NQE PfCO providers but UAV8 are simply unique. They bring their immense combined knowledge from working Apache helicopter pilots in the Army, and their emphasis is on airmanship and professionalism.

UAV8 take drone pilots with little or no knowledge and instil the same sense of safety-first professionalism that manned-pilots need, and teach what you need to know, not what just will get you through the exam.

Because of this, we are happy to recommend UAV8. You can reach them by clicking on this link, or their logo below.

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