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Avoid the need to apply Working At Height regulations for jobs like roof inspection by using our Aerial Roof Survey service.

Since 2005 the HSE has made operator safety when working at height a mandatory responsibility for employers. The risks must be fully assessed and alleviated to reasonable levels. This introduces complexity, delays and, of course, expense. In addition, the roof may be fragile or the manager may not be able to explain what needs to be inspected.

An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), generally known as a UAV or drone, eliminates all of the above.

At Unmanned Images we can provide a safe, professional, and credible service using professional-grade drones and high-quality 4K video and still photography for you to fully assess the area, be it potential damage, conceptual modifications, or even a boundary check.

We take care of all of the legal requirements regarding planning and notification of relevant authorities, as well as the actual flying. You can assign someone to direct the drone to where you want to inspect whilst we’re flying and you can decide if you want video, still, or both in real-time. Subject to local data connections we may even be able to stream live images to remote destinations.

Use our services to compare before and after works before signing-off on a job

Remember, a roof has two sides, and we can also provide internal unmanned images and video with one of our smaller drones.

So, in summary:

  • Safe – Remove the risk of working at height
  • Low cost – Eliminate the need to hire, and erect towers, scaffolding or cherry pickers for inspection
  • Quick – Have an instant, permanent videographic and photographic record of your inspection
  • Let us handle the legal stuff
  • Save time… save money.

When in doubt, no doubt… call Unmanned Images for your aerial Roof Survey.

The above images show elevated roof photography vs standard head-height from the same position, using the same camera and settings.