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Modern Kerb Appeal.

The nineties and noughties were about ‘Kerb Appeal’… getting buyers to stop and take notice of your property before even getting out of their car. Today’s kerb appeal is generally done online in a ‘swiping’ session, where literally seconds are available for buyers to decide to stop and look!

Regardless of which estate agent you use to sell your house it has to be seen before it can be sold, and with the speed that buyers scroll through online listings you need ‘something’ to make them stop on yours. This is where photography comes in.

If you are selling a £150K flat you can expect one level of service, if you are selling a £1.5M house you can expect a different level of service, obviously. The thing is, both still need to have the buyers stop on the listing and take interest. We can provide the attention-getting photos that you need regardless of market value!

Almost all high street agents will send a ‘photographer’ to you, if it’s a small flat it may even be the agent themselves, some even use just a smartphone. If you are selling through an online agency you may even be asked to send your own photos!

At UnmannedImages.com we typically take a minimum of three photographs from each spot in a room and combine them using special software to make your rooms look stunning.

We can even provide elevated (pole) photography as well as fully licensed and insured drone photography and video.

Maximise your chances of your property being found by buyers with high quality, professional photography, regardless of the market value by choosing one of our packages below:

So, in summary:

  • Professionally lit, shot, and edited images for selling. Targeted at getting buyers to visit and view your property
  • Low fixed cost
  • Save time, save money, sell faster.

When in doubt, no doubt… call Unmanned Images to help you sell 01903 331622.

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